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AddressFinder makes address information easy to get

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AddressFinder integrates with Google Maps

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See how easy it is to integrate AddressFinder into your site with our on-line JavaScript editor and viewer. Modify our example JavaScript to try out the options AddressFinder offers then copy the code into your application. It’s that easy.

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Make forms awesome

With the super easy to use AddressFinder widget you can make your forms awesome today! Make your users happy with auto-complete for address entry and know you will always capture accurate addresses.

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Now you know how awesome and easy it is to use, why not sign up and get the benefits of AddressFinder today! We have both free and pro plans.

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Merge data

Merge our data with your data

Create meaningful information by merging data you have about locations with our address information.

  • Add custom icons/pngs for different types of locations so people can quickly spot what they want.
  • Allow people to filter by location type.
  • Add additional information to map popups including opening hours and contact hours.

Auto-complete & auto-populate

Save your users a bunch of time and ensure you gather accurate address details.

  • Start typing an address and select the correct option from the matching address dropdown.
  • When an address is selected, the details auto-complete the associated address fields in your form.
Auto complete
Bulk search

Bulk searches for addresses

Get a list of all the addresses within the area you draw. Take the hassle out of letterbox drops.

  • Draw a shape around the area you focus on.
  • Get a list of all addresses in that area. As well as a pin on the map for each one.

Plot a list of locations on a map

Add a geographical dimension to your data by visualising newsletter/website/form signups on a map.

  • Automatically or manually import address details added to any form and display them on a map.
  • Plan resources, transport routes, housing developments, new premises etc.
Plot locations on a map